How to get a Digital loan? – The fully digital loan

Financial bottlenecks arise for almost everyone at some point. Loans are one way to preserve financial freedom. You can get these at almost every house bank, but the conditions are not always easy on the budget. They sometimes do worse than online loans. Those who are clever look for a financial injection on the Internet.

Many providers bustle here who promise fast money at low-interest rates. But be careful! The tariff jungle only clears up after studying many loan offers. Good Credit makes it easy for you to find the right loan. We compare the conditions of numerous financial institutions for you. So you are on the safe side to get the best interest rate.

Good Credit: Transparency makes the difference


The Internet offers numerous ways to find a loan, but there is often a catch: Not all providers work seriously. Anyone who gets involved in dubious offers quickly ends up in the cost trap from which people who are already in debt are difficult to get out.

It is better to keep a clear head from the outset and to scrutinize the conditions meticulously. Good Credit supports you in this. We only compare the loans of renowned financial institutions for you.

Digital loan: the smart option for ordinary loans

Digital loan: the smart option for ordinary loans

Banks have come under pressure from persistently low-interest rates in recent years. To remain competitive, they need to realign themselves and offer customer-oriented financial services. Your advantage, because competition stimulates business. Financial institutions are currently convincing with complex loan offers at top conditions. However, as in many other areas, only those who keep an overview and do not allow themselves to be carried away by the first offer will make the best cut. It is no different when it comes to choosing insurance, mobile or internet tariffs.

No two loans are the same because there are many different models. That’s a good thing because in the end, you benefit from a tailored online loan that suits you and your financial situation. Digital credits score above all thanks to the convenient and transparent application process. Every step from the request to the legitimation to the final digital signature is processed online. The way to the bank and time-consuming discussions with the customer advisor are no longer necessary. They particularly benefit from the fast credit approval process.

Video identification process and digital signature

Video identification process and digital signature

The online loan is characterized by two important points: the video identification process and your digital signature. While you sit across from the customer advisor who sometimes knows you personally when visiting a bank, this is not possible when applying for a digital loan. The person responsible is dependent on tools that confirm your identity. The online video identification process is used for this. With the help of video chat, you can show your conversation partner your current identification card or passport.

You must also be visible on the agent’s screen. All you need is a stable internet connection and a device with a built-in camera such as a smartphone, tablet PC or notebook. It should also be equipped with the latest version of your favorite browser to avoid interruptions in the transmission. The video identification process generally runs on a secure site so that third parties have no access to the sensitive data. It doesn’t matter where you apply for the loan from. Either from your home PC, from your workplace or on the go.

A signature is the handwritten and personal signature of documents of any kind. It only makes contracts legally binding. In the bank branch, you use a ballpoint pen for this, in the virtual world, of course, it doesn’t work. This is where the digital signature comes in, which is generated using computers or smartphones. On iPhone, iPad or Mac, you can edit and sign documents directly in the Mail app. Android, unfortunately, does not offer onboard tools.

An uncomplicated option for digital signing is the “Fill & Sign” app from Adobe. It can be easily installed on any smartphone, after which you can create signatures in no time. Unfortunately, only up to five signatures per month are free. Adobe Reader is ideal for Windows computers. In the free program, you can deposit your digital signature with just a few clicks so that you always have it at hand.

Good Credit: No longer search for a customized digital loan


Determine how high your online loan is. What you use it for is up to you. Whether small amounts or large sums: The installment loans listed at Good Credit are just as suitable for necessary purchases as for temporary financing of real estate or for debt rescheduling.

If there is a lack of money for your next vacation trip, you have many options. Tip: You can select the intended purpose from us while searching for a provider. Some banks grant you special conditions for earmarked loans. If you would like to finance a new car, for example, just indicate that.

Finding a loan is so easy:

  • In the first step, determine the amount required (e.g. a 10,000 euro online loan) and determine the term of the digital loan. You can choose from twelve months to ten years. You can also specify a purpose. Start the search by clicking on “Compare now”.
  • We then list all financial institutions that offer loans under your chosen framework. The conditions are immediately apparent in the table. Compare the selection based on the monthly loan installments, the borrowing rate, and the annual percentage rate. If a loan offer appeals to you, just click on “continue” to view further details.
  • If the targeted loan is exactly right for you, then enter all the data for the loan application on the following pages.
  • A credit check is essential at reputable financial institutions. Therefore, you are asked to provide proof of your income and expenses. Since you are applying for a digital loan, this is done by accessing your existing online bank account. You don’t even have to look up your printed bank statements.
  • If all data is available, you have to authenticate yourself using the video identification process. It is only used to confirm your identity.
  • The final step is the digital signature.

With our comprehensive loan comparison, you not only save time but also money. After successful verification, the desired amount will be transferred to your account in a short time. A working day usually passes between the loan application and the payment.

It cannot be assessed in the comparison of whether you also receive the best conditions and interests. It essentially depends on your credit rating. The better this turns out, the more likely it is to get a low-interest rate.