Public debt. What is it and what types exist?

Public debt is money that a State has borrowed from individuals, companies or financial entities to finance its future expenses and investments.

It is an affordable type of investment for all budgets since it can be purchased from 1,000 dollars and is also usually considered a very safe type of investment, preferred by people with a conservative or less aggressive investor profile.

Public debt can take various forms . In the case of our country, Spain, we have:

  • Treasure letters
  • Bonds
  • Treasury obligations

On the other hand, to guarantee and reinforce the security of these assets, both the issuer that issues the debt and the specific issue, receive a prior assessment from the main rating agencies.


Types of public debt

public debt

The main difference between the different types of public debt is the difference in the amount required to contract them and the different time periods in which the investment must be maintained.

Treasury Bills : Created in 1987, it is an asset issued by the Public Treasury and with a maturity of less than 18 months.

6-month and 12-month letters are issued making it an ideal asset for safe short-term investments.

They are issued monthly and with a discount mode. This discount mode means that buying the letter gives us the right to collect a predetermined amount of money on a certain day and we buy that right for a lower amount.

With an example we will see it more clearly. We buy a letter that gives us the right to collect 1,000 dollars on a certain date but we pay 990 dollars for it.

Treasury bills are issued with a value of 1,000 dollars. We can invest that amount or multiples of it.

We can acquire treasury bills in 3 different ways:

  • Through a financial institution in the first market.
  • Through a direct account at the Superb Save Bank in the secondary market.
  • Through a financial institution in the secondary market.

In addition they can also be sold in the secondary market to recover the money invested before although normally a smaller amount of money is recovered.

State Bonds : They are issued at 3 and 5 years. It is a form of medium-long term investment. They are also issued monthly and can be purchased in the primary and secondary markets and the minimum investment is 1,000 dollars.

In this case, the payment of interest is marked by the yield that the bond will give us. Interest is paid annually.

In this way we do not have to wait until the maturity of the bond but we receive the interest periodically.

Obligations of the State : They are very similar to bonds, differing only in the term.

10-year, 15-year and 30-year government bonds are issued. Therefore we are facing very long-term investments.

The rest of the characteristics are common to the State Bonds.



The tax on the different assets that make up the public debt must pay capital income tax , as well as the interest on a fixed-term bank deposit or capital gains obtained on the stock market.

Currently this tax is regulated as follows:

  • 21% for capital income below 6,000 dollars.
  • 5% for capital income between 6,000 dollars and 24,000 dollars.
  • 27% for capital income that exceeds 24,000 dollars.



The Spanish Public Treasury allows a large number of investment opportunities at different terms, depending on the needs of investors.

It is a very safe type of investment, although as with all investments there is a risk of capital loss, and we can obtain liquidity if necessary by selling them on the secondary market.

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The camcorder that you use for a Sex Cam

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The payday loan as a way to overcome the debt of the holidays

Did you start January with debts? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Although the recommendation at the end of the year is to be careful with the money you spend, put together a budget and do not spend more than you can afford, many people end up being victims of excessive purchases and getting into debt more than their due.

Christmas passes, the New Year party too and the panorama they find is not entirely encouraging. On the contrary, they begin January with accumulated debts and committed money, with problems to fulfill their obligations and the spirit by the floors due to so much debt.

What options are there in those cases?

What options are there in those cases?

How to start controlling finances, reduce expenses and finally get rid of debt? It is definitely necessary to acquire better financial habits, and this starts with having a budget and eliminating excessive expenses. Perhaps it will be necessary to cut some tastes such as meals outside or reduce outings to the cinema, at least for a few months.

But this is not the only thing you can do. Another option has to do with applying for a loan. Now, how will asking for more money help you pay off debts? The idea is that, if you have outstanding accounts with several entities – different cards, a loan, etc.-, requesting a credit (or requesting a portfolio purchase) will help you to consolidate all debts.

Among the available alternatives, one of the experts’ favorites is the draft credit. So instead of applying for a personal loan, free investment or a portfolio purchase, you could opt for this type of credit. And what makes it so popular?

Basically, it is an easy credit to acquire, with relatively low interest rates and with a low debt risk, since it has a special dynamic: it is deducted directly from your salary.

Why should you request a payday loan to recover from debts? By consolidating all your card and additional debts into one, you will save interest, since everything will be ruled under a single rate; In addition, you will save on sending account statements, paying commissions, paying insurance, among other points.

You just have to remember one payment date, instead of having to deal with several, and the same goes for documents.


Calculate how much you need

loan calculator

The idea is that credit allows you to unite all the debts you fell into during the holidays. Prepare the budget to see how much money you need and so you will know how much to ask for. This is not the time to start including some purchases that you had planned, much less. In other words, don’t ask for more than you need. Focus on canceling debts and keeping one payment. Do not forget, it is not extra money, it is a credit that will be deducted from your salary month by month.


Check what they can discount you without putting your obligations at risk

credit loans

One of the most important parts has to do with how much money will be debited from the account monthly. The idea is that it is only what you can pay, without risking money that is destined to cover your obligations (housing, services, food, transportation, among others). You may have to limit some additional expenses and pleasures, but you should not compromise your needs.

Try to get it in the medium term

Try to get it in the medium term

Don’t look to pay the minimum, but also not the maximum. The ideal is to select a medium term, which allows you to cancel the debt in a prudent time. Paying the minimum implies that the interest will be higher and also that you will be limited in your expenses for a long time. On the other hand, choosing a very high fee can lead to not being able to meet your regular expenses or that your budget is severely cut. Ideally, you should seek balance.

Credit for repairs without collateral

Repair. from the mere mention of it, many people begin to show droplets of sweat on their foreheads. And it is not at all a matter of realizing how much work will have to be done. It is much more important to decide where to get the money for repairs. After all, redecorating is one thing, he can wait, but the leaking roof will not wait for sure. Fortunately, you can always get a loan for repairs in one of credit offices, after which you don’t have to worry about the wind or crumbling plaster blowing from the windows.

A repair loan will allow you not to wait until your house begins to fall apart, but to urgently fix an unpleasant situation. But first, it’s important to get the answer to the question.

What is a repair loan?

What is a repair loan?

As a rule, a repair loan is provided by the majority of the countryn credit companies without the obligatory provision of collateral, but with a clear purposeful nature of use – to perform repair work. A repair loan will help you in many cases – when you have a serious and long-term major overhaul, or when you just decide to make some adjustments to the existing interior.

The conditions for granting loans for repairs are often similar to those for standard consumer loans, but the amount of such a loan is significantly lower. Most credit institutions in the country realize that sometimes an amount not exceeding 500 dollars is quite enough to carry out repairs, that’s why they give out repair loans to their customers. If the repair is overhaul, the client may need a much larger amount of money, for example, 7 or 8 thousand dollars. It is in this amount that the restoration of the house often costs, and it is often set as the maximum possible.

While most companies offer loans for repairs in small amounts, for which it is enough to simply apply for, not forgetting to indicate the intended use of funds, bank offers customers a special loan for home repairs. Repair credit is often considered a classic small loan, and credit offices do not always distinguish even the slightest difference between them.

On what conditions are loans for repairs issued?

On what conditions are loans for repairs issued?

The process of obtaining repair loans is very simple, and it is completely unimportant to the credit office why you will need a consumer loan and what you will spend the money on.

What does this mean for the client? And the fact that a repair loan can be obtained on very favorable and flexible terms, while the interest rate on obtaining a consumer loan will be the lowest possible. But in the case when you need a large amount of money, a quick loan will not be the right decision, and then it is worth taking a closer look at a consumer loan.

The conditions for obtaining a consumer loan are pretty standard, and are as follows:

  • Low interest rate and quite a significant amount. The interest on a consumer loan is a couple of tenths of a percent, but on a quick loan this value is significantly higher, which makes it less profitable for a client
  • Consumer loan terms are higher than fast. It is a minimum period of six months
  • If there are problems with payment discipline, the chances of obtaining a consumer loan are minimal, and to be more precise, they are completely absent
  • No collateral is needed. The income received by the client will be a guarantee of fulfillment of obligations under the loan agreement. Typically, a repair loan is issued by companies if the borrower’s income is 300 dollars or more. Also, a huge blow to the chances of obtaining a new repair loan will be the presence of active loan agreements, because they take away a considerable part of the monthly income and reduce the solvency of the client
  • Getting a loan for repairs is very simple – just fill out a few data on the questionnaire on the company’s website, and after an hour receive an answer on your application, and then money to the account

Do I need a repair loan?

Do I need a repair loan?

The answer to this question entirely depends on you and your situation. Consider whether obtaining a loan is the only possible option, and if so, feel free to fill out an application. After all, we can refuse to buy certain household appliances, moving it for a longer period, but we cannot keep our house in a catastrophic condition if it requires urgent repairs. And you yourself will feel much better if you know that your “fortress” is in perfect condition.

If the repair costs are large, it is advisable to get a loan for a long period – from 6 months to a couple of years. It is much better to immediately take the amount that will cover all expenses than to save on repairs, after which after a couple of months again return to this issue, investing your money, time and effort. Made repairs? Fine! Just pay the required repayment amount every month and enjoy the result.

Do not forget that before you finally decide on the amount of the repair loan, it is important to get all the valuable information and understand how much the repair will cost you. Find out the cost of materials in different stores, take an interest in the cost of repairs from various teams of craftsmen. Thus, you do not have to take extra money and pay interest.

One way or another, but any of your decisions related to the purchase of new furniture, interior renovation or repair is positive. But first of all, make sure that you need such a loan amount, and remember that you should be able to repay monthly payments on time and in full.

And, of course, do not forget to use the comparison table of the website to choose the best loan offer and save a lot of effort, time and money.

Get in Touch With Your Friends Today With Mobile Cam Chat

Mobile cam chat has gained a lot of ground over the past couple of years. Today, you can chat live with your friends through your mobile phones and the fun never stops.

Mobile cam chat is usually referred to as a hands free way of chatting with your friends and family. You can carry out various online activities such as shopping, checking out the latest trends, and also help your friends make the right decisions when it comes to their jobs.


Mobile cam chat software usually comes with a number of different features

Mobile cam chat software usually comes with a number of different features

This is because everyone knows that people love to chat with each other and using the chat facility you can do so from any part of the world, and even from across the room.

Mobile cam chat software offers you a number of functions and features that make it so popular. Among the most popular ones are:

If you are chatting with someone you do not know, this feature would be a great help. Through this, you can call up someone who you have never met. You can do so for free.


Best sound quality

Best sound quality

One of the most important factors to consider when using mobile cam chat is the quality of the sound. Most handsets today come with excellent sound capability. You can enjoy quality calls to your friends from a number of places such as your workplace, office, home, and even from your home.

One of the best features of a mobile cam chat is the vast choice of different options. There are hundreds of mobile phone networks which offer different channels for different plans. Each one of these networks has a wide range of plan options for users.

Almost all major networks have a plan that allows you to add more than one device to your network. This is great news for you if you want to make use of all the special features of your handset.


You can buy the plan when you are planning to use the plan for the first time

You can buy the plan when you are planning to use the plan for the first time

If you do not get it at first, you can always upgrade to the newest version. If you are planning to buy a phone with many plans then you can pay for a flat-rate monthly payment.

You can also pay for a premium, which will add you to new clients, based on your previous history. The beauty of mobile cam chat is that you do not have to search for the best plan available in order to make use of all the features available.

It is easy and convenient! Now that you know about all the fun features and functions available with mobile cam chat, you would no longer think twice about sending a message to your friends across the room! With a few clicks of your mouse, you can enjoy video chatting, photos, chatting and group messaging!